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Success stories

Lots of pebbles

Hundreds of people have already received lucky stones from me; many of these stones were "pending" ones.

How my stones changed the addressees’ lives, you can read in the screenshots I posted here. I have hundreds of them! These cases violate the laws of statistics and contradict the theory of probability. It turns out that the stones do work somehow, in spite of all the laws and theories.


Hi, Kirulya! The envelope with the stone and the coin has just been delivered. You are superb, I'm superb, everything is just superb:) Thanks a lot!

By the way, it also worked great with my friend who gave me the advice to get in touch with you: they already paid a deposit on their new home and are going to buy it soon. They found it in no time and closed the deal just within a week.


Kirulya, I can't help sharing impressions – it really works the situation at work is changing for the better, thanks!!


It may seem funny, but a couple of minutes after your wish he called me

It's kind of energy...



 I know. That's exactly what I wished you.


Hello, Kirulya. Thank you very much, the parcel arrived. Thank you for your wishes. I have two jobs now : the old one with backdated wages, and a part-time one. The new job invigorates me, so I became more confident in myself!  I am moving forward, leaving my low self-esteem behind!



Glad to learn it, it's all to the good.


Right after you sent me the stone I became extremely popular with headhunters. I wanted this for him, but started to get offers with the salaries 30% higher.

I'm shocked a bit, because there are 5 of them!!!!!!!

Not one or two offers but five - and all of them are equally tempting!



I know. My stones work well for the issues related to work.


Dear Kirulya! I'd like to share with you that miracles do happen! When I wrote you in despair and asked for support (not even for a stone) your good wishes gave me some peace of mind. Then the case stop spinning their wheels (which it had been doing for 4 years) and a faint hope became more real. This month, a few times the situation was on the verge of returning to its previous state. And, finally, today the basic document was signed. The final stage is three weeks away, but my husband and I already feel free. We have plans for the future again. Thank you for the positive things that you bring into this world. May good fortune be with you! 


Kirulya - thank you ever so much, just after I received your parcel, of my job hunting ended quickly, I found what I wanted and now everything what is left is to sort out the last formalities. You're a magician, and I hope that it will bring you as much joy as it brings to all of us who have received your support. Kisses. Tina



How lovely! I'm very happy.


Hello, dear Kirulya. For some time I've been going to write you and every time something prevented me from doing it. But it's time to report how the stone works)) Until I got it, everything was not just bad - it was terrible. Especially at work. During my shift, the boiler exploded three times and we had to work surrounded by the splinters of glass, broken thermometers, and scattered pieces of asbestos from the relief valves. I was hit by a brick, fortunately, not in the head. Well, it isn't difficult to imagine how I felt.

So when I got the stone, I clung to it as if it was a lifeline, and for two days just kept hold of it. I rolled myself in a rug and lay, shaking with fear and crying. And I held onto the stone like it was an anchor. And it brought relief. It helped me to believe that everything will be fine. I always keep it with me, having it in my pocket wherever I go. There have been no more explosions at work; besides, I passed my exam with almost no problems, and it is easier to live, although the problems actually didn't disappear. But I'm not going to despair. Maybe, my dreams come true and everything else will be fine.

I wish you all the best. And good luck in all your affairs.


We had a situation when we simply couldn't move to our new apartment. If it's not one thing it's another, you know - first, the furniture wasn't delivered yet, then we were ill, and after that something else happened. It lasted for a year or so. Once I received the stone, we packed up and moved in a week. Straight after that the issue of choosing a new school for our children was sorted out: we transferred them to another school, more comfortable for them in terms of study load. And now, though a bit painfully, the problem with my workshop is being solved. In two weeks I am moving to new premises, which will be only mine, with no co-workers, which means no intrigues and all other trouble related to purely female team.



That’s what I call "harmonization of space."


Good evening! I want to share my story: I received the stone in early October. From mid-spring I had an unclear situation with my job, our front office couldn't make a decision. Three days ago the decision was made, and it was to my advantage: I got a promotion and salary I didn't even expect, and it makes me unspeakably glad. So, your magic worked again, thank you! The stone hidden in a safe place, the coin lives in my purse. I think that's just the beginning. I guess I can share it.



Hello! Oh, how wonderful! I was sure it will work out all right, because I wished you success.

13.10.2016 15:25

Kirulya, hello and thank you SO much!

Today I received a stone. It was kind of experience. First, the postal workers couldn't find the package, and when I came the next day, they couldn't find it once again... Given that I had been having the period in my life, which I wouldn't call the best, I wasn't even surprised. But I knew that I would come there for my stone as many times as necessary.


Taking into account the size of the ass (pardon my French) I was in at that time, I didn't expect the magic to begin so soon.

But it began the business of my own, and travelling, and everything else. It all started right now, when I got hold of the stone. Within a couple of hours. Maybe it was just the mood created by the stone, or perhaps magic. I don't know exactly, but I like both variants. From that very day, everything obviously started improving. I got help from a few friends, received interesting job offers, my project got off the ground. I got strength to go forward with a smile on my face and belief that everything will be fine.


Special thanks for the lovely postcard and the coin. I really feel the warmth you put into each envelope.


I'm sending beams of love and happiness to you! You are an amazing personality. Now I look back and every day I say "thank you" to you, Kirulya, for this stone. It is my good luck charm.  


I'm really glad. thank you!


Good afternoon! Welcome back!! Thank you for the stone, I received it when you were on holiday, so I decided not to bother you. On the day we got the notice from the post office, my husband received two good job offers. He isn't hired yet, but the prospective employers are serious people, so we are just waiting and hope for the best. Thank you for your work and energy! May all your wishes come true!


Good evening! Here is my story. A wish of good luck that was all I needed. And the next day we found a buyer for that house that no estate agent could sell for twenty years; sale of this house enabled me to finally get a home of my own which I could only dream of. It's small, but it's my own. That's how a simple good luck, sincerely said in time, worked out - thank you for that! And let everything be as it should !!!



I am so glad for you, my dear!



Hello, Kirulya! I’d like to update your statistics data:) It’s a miracle, a real miracle: what I asked your beam of kindness for - happened!! The odds were so low but it did happen!!!! Thank you!!!!



Wow! Could you tell me more about it? I am glad indeed.

These people have already changed their lives  

and your life will change, too  

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