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Sun is through a pebble with a hole

A Stone with a Story

This stone will be taken from Mediterranean sea coast near the ancient town of Ashkelon, where a Crutched Friars’ fortress once stood. Samson and Delilah, Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart have been there.  It’s an ancient place with a long history.

I’ve been sending lucky stones to people who ask me for them, wishing these people good luck. Many of those who get these stones experience drastic changes in their lives: they find good jobs, meet their significant others, their wishes come true.  

The Lucky Stone Project

I’ll find a lucky stone for you

Send me a message, and I will pick a stone specifically for you.   

I’ll hold it in my hand, thinking of you, wishing you good luck and every success from the bottom of my heart. In most cases it works, especially if the addressee has paid for a pending stone.

Pending stones - Pass It On

The idea of pending stones is the same as of ‘caffe sospeso’ (Italian for ‘pending coffee’). By paying for a lucky stone for a person who can’t afford it at the moment, you are bringing good luck to other people. It’s a really enjoyable feeling, take my word for it.

If you need it, you’ll get it

Paying is easy

If you can’t afford paying for a lucky stone, send me a message – and I’ll gladly send it to you as soon as someone pays for a pending stone. Some day you will help somebody else get a stone.  

Choose a stone and make the payment via PayPal. If you want to pay for a pending stone, write me out your wishes. Your parcel will be shipped by registered airmail with a tracking number.


photo of a satisfied client
photo of a satisfied client
photo of a satisfied client

Hi, Kirulya! At the very moment I received the envelope with the stone, a customer came in and ordered decoration of his house.
My team had hardly finished with it, when two more projects stated, very interesting ones.

I regained zest for life, after weeks of feeling frustrated and burnt-out. Thank you! This stone worked indeed!

Sergey, Moscow

After I got your stone, my phone just doesn't stop ringing!!!!!!!

Every call is a job offering.
I accept them all. It's just a miracle! A while ago I had none, and all of a sudden got a heap of them. Surely, I need work, but at times I forget my name!

Thank you and your stone, I didn't expect such an effect!

Vika, Brooklyn

Kirulya! Today we concluded the deal and in two days I'll have the key to our new apartment! We are full of enthusiasm. The location of the house is wonderful: 10 minutes' walk to the subway, just 15 minutes from the city center by subway. It’s a magical place with a healing spring nearby (people from all Petersburg are coming here for water). It's hard to believe that such places still exist in St. Petersburg.

Svana, Saint-Petersburg

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