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Why these stones
are so special?

Keren looks through glasses

Oftentimes, I take long walks along the seashore - barefoot, ankle-deep in water. This is my way of ‘connecting to the Earth’; it lifts my spirits and cheers me up.  Also, I enjoy taking pictures of sunsets.


 On my way I see shells and stones of stunning beauty lying ashore here and there. Among them, there even are small fragments of marble statues, smoothed by sea waves. I pick them up and when I am holding such a stone in my hand, I have a feeling of some ancient power hidden inside this piece of rock. I am reluctant to relinquish my hold on these stones. It seems that they remember everything that has been happening here for millennia.

The stones you see in my photos are the remnants of the defensive wall of the Crutched Friars’ settlement that used to stand within the ancient town of Ashkelon.

They have spent about 800 years in the sea and became holey. These brittle rocks remember knightly tournaments and the fair ladies, in whose honor these tournaments were held.  Antique marble columns just stick out of the shore; they’ve been here for 2000 years, and nobody has either time or money to spare to dig them out.  There are hundreds of these columns alongshore.  

I’ll hold a stone in my hand, thinking of you, and then mail this stone to you.

I want to understand how - from a scientific, statistical point of view - my positive message affects your life, say, within three months. I usually ask the addressees to let me know about it and give me the permission to publish this info – without mentioning any names, if you wish. If nothing happens - well, at least we gave it a shot.  If does – great, the experiment will go on.     

Hundreds of stones have already been sent all over the world; people who received them experience the same as I do:  they feel the power of ancient stones. Their wishes come true.  They are happy!

Sunset, pebble on the shore

Who knows what power is concealed inside these pieces of rock?

There are stones in the water

And I’ll surely answer you.

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